Bruce Ackerman

Bruce Ackerman is the founder and CEO of Printavo, a business he started in 2012 after growing a print shop in college.  Since that time, Printavo has grown to help shops all over the world get organized and streamlined. He previously held a position as the head of design for Avant. Ackerman also produces content for Printavo's blog, which covers topics of shop management and efficiency. You can contact Ackerman at

press checklist
All printing businesses are not created equal. Here are five factors to keep in mind when shopping for the right screen printing press. 
business success
 Look at any homegrown company that has achieved great success as an example. They took their talents and created a replicable system. 
customer appreciation
Are you showing your customers the proper appreciation? Check these off your list the next time you're thinking about going the extra mile. 
slow season
Slow season will happen at some point in your business ownership. Always expect the best, but plan for the worst.
Word to the Wise
Hear what Bruce Ackerman has to say about what he wished he'd known before getting into the screen-printing business.
Avoid a Bad Business Partner
Follow these rules to avoid getting into business with someone who might hurt it in the future. 
Hiring employees
Ask yourself these questions when thinking about hiring help.