Jerid Hill

jerid hill

Throughout the years, Jerid Hill has written articles, blog and forum postings, created informative videos and taken the time to speak to many direct-to-garment (D2) users to assist in moving the D2 industry forward. Hill has been a thought leader in the D2 industry pursuing new technologies for better quality and output. In 2018, BelQuette merged with the ColDesi group of companies in Tampa and Jerid now serves at DTG Product Manager for ColDesi Inc. You can rely on Jerid’s unique perspective in the garment industry, focusing on the end user’s experience. He has extensive technical knowledge of D2 printing as well as details and tips for preparing artwork, pre-treating garments, expert level tips, and best overall practices for the garment printing realm.

preatreatment vs. no pretreatment (Image courtesy ColDesi)
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