Kieth Stevens

Kieth is the Western regional sales manager for International Coatings (ICC). He has been screen printing for over 37 years, teaching screen printing for over 12 years and is a regular contributor to the International Coatings blog. He also won a 2014 Golden Image Award from SGIA.

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Ink buildup (Image courtesy International Coatings Company)
Find out what it is, what causes it, and how it can be reduced. 
Low-cure inks cracking
Before starting a job with low curing temperatures, please be sure to check on the following essential points. 
low-cure screen printing inks
There are three major scenarios where low-cure inks come in handy.
Ink (Image courtesy International Coatings Company)
Too many shops overlook the importance of the ink cure. It’s not just “set it and forget it.”
Photo-realistic screen printing (Images courtesy International Coatings)
Here are some of the simple but necessary things to check off. 
Try these six actionable steps to become a more eco-friendly shop. 
The combination of high-density ink with a gel finish makes for a high-sheen, almost textural look. (Image courtesy ICC)
Learn about different special effects ink, their uses, and the skill level required for each.