10 Ways to Maximize Holiday Heat Press Sales

STAHLS’ TV offers a variety of educational videos focused on heat presses, vinyl cutters, printer cutters, embroidery machines, screen printed transfers, design software and more. These videos allow decorators to receive answers to specific questions. To check out the latest on STAHLS’ TV, visit http://www.stahlstv.com/newvideos.

The holiday season is almost here! Start maximizing holiday sales by realizing your profit potential in gifts, decor, and apparel. In this video, STAHLS' TV educator Karyn Squib shows decorators ten trendy looks using heat transfer vinyl, screen-printed transfers, and a heat press.

Gift ideas:

  • Sweatshirt blanket
  • Tech accessories and case (these make great add-ons)
  • Bags 
  • Popular home decor items (table runners, stockings, tree skirts)
  • Decorated apparel 

Helpful tip: Look for holiday events in your community that could benefit from personalized holiday gear.