Every good businessperson runs their ship with a purpose and a plan.

5 Best Practices of a Good Businessperson

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Every good businessperson runs their ship with a purpose and a plan. Here are five best practices every businessperson should keep in their back pocket. 

Practice 1: Have a plan. All good business people have a plan for nearly everything in their lives. They plan their day, they work from a business plan, and they have a personal plan so they can keep things in perspective. 

Practice 2: Be an essentialist. An essentialist is someone who focuses on only certain things that they have deemed essential, not what other people deem essential for them. They turn down all non-essential requests. They realize that saying no at times is actually the polite thing to do because by saying yes they are overextending themselves and not providing a quality service to that person.

Practice 3: Surround yourself with good people. Even the best business people can not do it alone. There are going to be things outside of their expertise as well as projects they just don't have the time to do. A good business person finds people they trust who have other skills or even opposite personalities so they can collaborate with them when the need arises.

Practice 4: Wear your passion. There was a great quote I heard from the TV host, Mike Rowe. "Never follow your passion, but always bring it with you. Passion is too important to ignore, but it is too fickle to follow." Passion is one of those things that is contagious and shows through no matter what. Good business people are passionate about what they do, and they should wear it on their sleeve unapologetically.

Practice 5: Lead with empathy. Good business people are leaders and examples for those around them. Far too often those people who do gain a little bit of success lose sight of empathy and their success is short-lived. Empathy is putting yourself in another's shoes and thinking of them before yourself. If you can do that you will be a great leader and business person.

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