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5 Best Practices of a Good Embroiderer

Olivia Dean is the newest member of Madeira USA’s marketing team. Dean is a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire. With a degree in Communication, she brings strong marketing skills and knowledge of social media to her position. Participating in research and training, she is shortening the learning curve, rapidly learning the embroidery industry which she helps to support.

Nancy Mini has risen in the ranks of Madeira USA’s marketing department to become the senior marketing coordinator and backing specialist, learning how to operate commercial embroidery machines along the way. Madeira USA’s resident embroiderer, she is a go-to person when customers face production challenges.

Every good embroiderer has their way of doing things and making sure their work is top notch. Here are five best practices that can keep your embroidery business running at a higher level. 

  1. Maintain your embroidery machine(s) on a regular basis
    • Lubricate daily with oil 
    • Keep up with regular technician maintenance
  2. Use quality products at all times
    • Top-quality products ensure better/faster work and satisfied customers long after the garments leave your shop
  3. Maintain tension in the machine
    • Tensioning your top and bobbin thread is key to successful embroidery
  4. Test to see what works best for you and your machine
    • Take the time to test your projects to know what they will look like once they are laundered
  5. Keep learning…even after 20-plus years, you can still gain knowledge!