customer appreciation

5 Signs of Good Customer Appreciation

Bruce Ackerman is the founder and CEO of Printavo, a business he started in 2012 after growing a print shop in college.  Since that time, Printavo has grown to help shops all over the world get organized and streamlined. He previously held a position as the head of design for Avant. Ackerman also produces content for Printavo's blog, which covers topics of shop management and efficiency. You can contact Ackerman at

Whether you are a brand new shop or one that has been around for several years, it is crucial as the owner of your business to regularly show customer appreciation.  

  1. Simplicity. While fancy dinners and gifts are great for those loyal customers, a simple message, text, or email goes a long way. 
  2. Spontaneity. The best thank you’s are random, spontaneous, and most special when least expected. Spend 15 minutes a week writing five handwritten notes to unknowing customers. 
  3. Uniqueness. Make sure your customers know exactly why you are thankful for them. Get in touch regarding a special event or even a specific order they placed, but be sure the message is directly shaped for them.
  4. Inclusivity. Use social media to give shout outs to large groups or your entire customer base. Use texts, emails, phone calls, and letters for specific people.
  5. Promptness. Don’t wait months after a customer’s order to send them a thank you note. For example, post-wedding thank you cards that arrive a year later look silly—don't be that guy!