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5 Ways to Sell Sublimation on Pinterest

Kristine Shreve EnMart

Kristine Shreve is the Director of Marketing for EnMart and parent company Ensign Emblem. She developed and writes two blogs—the EnMart Threaducuate blog and the SubliStuff blog. Shreve also maintains the EnMart Twitter account and Facebook page. She can be reached via email at

Because Pinterest is about hopes and ideas, it’s a great place to sell decorated apparel and custom products. It’s especially ideal for sublimation because a lot of people don’t know what dye-sublimation is or its capabilities. Creating boards on Pinterest allows decorators to create a lookbook or a gallery for customers to browse, learn about sublimation, and get ideas for products they may want to purchase. If you’re a sublimation business and don’t have Pinterest boards, you should get to pinning immediately. Here are some tips to get the most out of a Pinterest account.

No. 1: Present your shop like a business

Pinterest business account offers analytics and other tools that a regular account won’t provide. It’s also something you need if you want to offer buyable pins. Business accounts allow for advertising—something a basic account does not. 

No. 2: Find your customers

You’re setting up the account to draw in new business and educate your customers, so you want to you information getting to the right people. Identify who your target market is and where they are on Pinterest and then make sure you are in those places. If you create the best boards in the world; you want to put them in front of the right audiences. 

No. 3: Get visual

Pinterest is all about the visuals, so put your best photos forward. While captions and informative descriptions are helpful, it’s the picture that makes the first impression. Make sure that introduction is a good one.

No. 4: Educate your audience

A lot of people don’t understand what sublimation is, so make sure your boards do more than showcase what you sell. Give glimpses of the process and behind the scenes. Help potential customers to understand the process. The more your customers understand it, the more likely they are to ask you for services.

No. 5: Choose a theme

If there’s a product you like to make, or a market to which you’d like to sell to, create boards that target that theme. People go to Pinterest in search of ideas for parties, gift, events, etc. Focus on those big points. For example, family reunions, school sports, clubs, or hobbies. Specific boards tend to sell better than general boards, as you’re narrowing in on a target and providing the info your potential customers need all in one place.