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6 Creative Ways to Profit from Heat Printing this Holiday Season

Jenna Sackett is an education content specialist and crafting enthusiast for STAHLS’ TV. Beginning in 2012, she has worked as an outbound call representative with a dominant focus on all things heat transfer vinyl. From there, she advanced in sales and became a dedicated Inside sales representative. During this time, she learned the ins and outs of owning an apparel decoration business - whether decorators are crafting from home, or running a brick and mortar shop, she knows the tips and tricks that make a business successful in this ever-growing marketplace.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and shortly after the most vastly celebrated holiday of the year will be here! Now is the time to gear up for holiday orders as your customers are looking for gift items to buy and custom holiday apparel to wear. 

When heat printing for the holidays, it’s important to offer items that will keep your business ahead of the competition. From personalized gifts and home decor to custom apparel, these six printing ideas are sure to yield high profits.

Personalized Stockings

For many, it’s common to go above and beyond for family and friends when purchasing gifts. A personalized stocking to put stocking stuffers into is a unique and memorable way to present gifts while also being a memento that can be used year after year. Using heat transfer vinyl (HTV), and stockings sourced from any local craft store, these gift items are easy to personalize. You can get creative with pattern and glitter HTV by pairing it with a matching stocking, or even by creating fun clipart designs with HTV and adding ribbon and buttons to make it really stand out. 

Personalized Ornaments

Personalized ornaments are among one of the most popular gifts for this giving season and can be easily decorated with HTV. Choosing an ornament with a flat surface, such as the wooden ornament pictured above, is best. This allows for an easy application under the flat upper heating element of the heat press.

Personalized Handbags

Monogramming is a popular personalization trend in the apparel decoration industry, and with the versatility of heat presses, personalizing high-end items, such as the vegan leather purse above, is achievable. Offering high-end accessories this holiday will yield high profits because of the high-perceived value they present. 

When heat printing heat-sensitive fabric such as vegan leather, it’s important to use a flexible application pad so it doesn’t melt under the high heat.

Personalized Footwear

Take your holiday offering to the next level by monogramming trendy footwear such as these suede boots. By using the tacking method with HTV and the flexible application pad mentioned above to secure the finish, we were able to print them successfully without scorching the fabric. 

Personalized Headwear

From dad hats to floppy hats, adding customization or personalization to them can go a long way. Headwear has always been a popular apparel accessory and is seen in retail stores everywhere. Whether it includes their favorite sports team colors or is personalized with their monogram or name, it’s a great gift for the holidays. This felt hat is a popular style in the industry and can be sourced from many apparel manufacturers. 

When printing a heat sensitive item such as a felt hat, it’s important to use a diverse HTV that can be pressed as low as 250 degrees F so it does not scorch the fabric.

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