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Add PayPal Capability for More Web Sales


JP Hunt

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Adding PayPal to your web store checkout options is more than a user-friendly touch; it’s smart business. According to Nielsen Online Buyer Insights, businesses using PayPal see as much as a 27 percent increase in total customers and a 15 percent increase in customer spending. What’s more, PayPal shoppers are twice as likely to complete a purchase.

PayPal Express Checkout works with a “Check out with PayPal” button at the start of the checkout process. This customers to a secure PayPal site where they log in with their username and password. PayPal then communicates stored shipping, billing, and payment information to the e-retailer.

Transactions can be made using funds held in the PayPal digital wallet, a credit card or a bank account stored in the consumer’s PayPal account. After completing the transaction, the consumer is directed back the e-retailer’s site to complete the checkout process.