Be Realistic about Pursuing New Markets

Rick Roth is president of Pawtucket, R.I.-based Mirror Image. In recent years, his business has taken home numerous Golden Image awards in various categories, as well as top honors in the industry media's various printing competitions.

Pursuing brand new markets is like starting a new business. Only refocus sales in new areas when a great plan of action is established. If you are serving primarily corporate customers but hear that team sports sales are still going strong, don’t think you are just going to jump into it and it will be like having a money tree—unless you hire someone that knows that market, are already geared for quick-turns on small jobs, are going to embrace solving polyester and dye migration problems, and unless you have the staff to crank out doing names and numbers, it’s not going to be productive.

Instead, consider changing emphasis in markets you already serve and think long and hard. Have a very detailed plan if you are going to pursue totally new markets.

—Rick Roth, Mirror Image Inc.