children's headwear trends

Children's Spring/Summer Headwear Trends

Emily Potter is the content marketer for Outdoor Cap Company. She holds an M.A. in advertising and public relations from the University of Alabama and a B.B.A in marketing. is Outdoor Cap’s free web resource designed to spread the good news of the value of headwear as a promotional tool to distributors, decorators, and consumers.

Don't forget about the little ones! In addition to Potter's women's and men's headwear rundown for the spring and summer season, she dives into the children's headwear market. 


There are a variety of techniques and embellishments forecasted for girls' headwear in the S/S ’18 season.

These include ruffles, raw edges, destroyed denim, colorless florals, exotic plant life, food graphics, large-scale lettering, emojis, best friend graphics, and classic pastels.

Styles, patterns, and graphics

For girls, pre-curved visors are shining more than flat-bill options. Expect beach themes as well as pop culture references and emojis. Chevron and floral prints are common. One-off tie-dyes and marble effects, as well as geometric patterns, will thrive in the kid scene. Expect polka dots, hearts, florals, and palms.

Some common graphic elements for girls include bohemian inspiration and brush typography. Nature themes are common with circular graphics of wildlife. Butterflies and depictions of food can also be expected.


There are a variety of decoration elements expected for boy’s headwear in the S/S ’18 season.

These include dye techniques, acid washing, splatter prints, abstract shapes, sepia tones, positive statements, and large forest animal graphics.

Styles, patterns, and graphics

Among the boys’ styles, flat visors are more popular but don’t be surprised if you see pre-curved caps popping up. Multicolored textures, generic camo, pop culture references, and all-over patterns like sharks and other sea life are huge for spring and summer.

In term of graphics, expect wildlife galore. Everything from dinosaurs and alligators to wolves and hunting-inspired designs can be expected. These designs accompanied by motivational taglines are a noteworthy trend.


The youth hat trends extend to toddlers as well. Expect these color palettes for little ones:

  • Boys’ hats consist of primary colors and neutral tones
  • Girls’ hats use bright, happy pastels with an emphasis on shades of pink

Trends for toddler girls include playful, bold typefaces with hearts and floral elements, whimsical nature graphics, and simplified illustrations.

Trends for toddler boys include graphics with attitude or humor, as well as lots of animal illustrations with playful, bold type.