Create a Winning Screen-Printing Team

Kirk Harris currently serves as president of Atlanta-based Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. Harris’ love of apparel began with retail in the late '90s and in 2006 he founded his first clothing line. In 2012 his journey led him to apparel decoration and in 2014 he settled into his current position. He can be reached by email at, by phone at 404-396-7171, or Visit his website,

It takes expertise in your field, time, patience, and a mindset to teach to build a winning screen-printing team.  Expertise will give you a better understanding of who you’re looking for, who will be a good fit, and where they will fit best. Time, because it might take several tries to find and/or put the right pieces together.  Patience, because impatience will lead you to rushed decisions and things don't immediately click. Be prepared to teach. You want to be in the frame of mind to educate and nurture newcomers whether it is to show them the ropes, teach them your way of doing things, or help them get comfortable in their new environment.

There are a few things that should be kept top of mind as you build your winning team. 

First is chemistry.  Whoever you bring into the mix or whatever combination of individuals you put together, they're going to have to "gel." Once everyone is in one accord, efficiency will increase, costs should decrease, and productivity should explode. The faster this can happen the better off everyone will be.  If you see that things are off, don’t hesitate to make adjustments. Your future depends on it. 

Next, knowledge and experience. Although not mandatory, if time is an issue it will probably best serve you to bring someone aboard who has a knowledge of that particular field and agrees with, or can adapt to, your methods. 

Work ethic is one of those fundamental traits that are not often overlooked but is a necessity to form a winning team. Imagine the kind of production you will have if everyone on your team has a strong desire to get their work done and takes pride in doing it.  Now, imagine what kind of results you will get if your team feels just the opposite. 

The better each individuals attitude is toward themselves, their teammates, your business, clients, and their chosen field, the better the chemistry will be, the more they will encourage each other, the more positively it will affect everyone’s work ethic, the happier your customers will be, the better your results will be, and the better your business will do.  

Lastly, ingenuity. In this case, you want people who are open and interested in trying new things.  This will help keep your team current with trends and help you keep your customers ahead of the pack, and the referrals flowing. Nothing will kill a winning team faster than a leader with no foresight or desire to move forward. 

Additional food for thought: If they fit into these descriptions, you believe they will be a benefit to your customers and business, and they fit your needs—pay them.  Make sure they understand their growth is important to you, and be open to their input.

All of these vital pieces can help you create that winning team, and deliver your community the absolute best service.