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Creating Effective Social Media Posts


JP Hunt

JP Hunt is one of the founders of Inksoft, a company that offers a comprehensive business suite including an online designer, e-commerce platform and other business tools. He also is the vice president of sales and marketing. Contact Hunt at or visit the Inksoft website at

You’ve made the decision to promote your company via social media. Now you have to determine what kind of posts will work best. Here are five content suggestions:

  • Photos:  A photo is one of the most powerful types of posts you can use. But a photo by itself is not enough. You need to include a back story. If it’s a photo of a customer’s shop or a job, include a few words about the client and why or how the project was a success. These details elevate you from merchant to marketer.
  • Keep it interesting: Don’t let your posts get stale. Make the shift from telling to showing by posting designs and graphics you are working on.
  • Showcase it: Photos or videos of customers using your printed goods resonate with potential customers. This is where you showcase your customer service with frank declarations—Customer A had a problem or opportunity and here is how we helped them.
  • Tap the local market: Supporting local business is important to many of your customers so make sure your postings connect with the local community.
  • Keep it organic: Give your posts a personal touch with behind-the-scenes photos and video. Introduce your team members and show your printing processes in action to help educate prospects on available methods of decorating.

Sharing dynamic content, photos, and video will enable you to build a community that will spread the word about your business and offer up fresh ideas.