Digital Direct Printing Tips for Caps

Paul Green works for OmniPrint International, distributor of the FreeJet line of direct-to-garment printers. He is also an industry seminar and webinar speaker and contributing writer. He has been in the printing industry for the last 10 years. After hours, Green is also an established fine artist and painter, and his work can be seen in group art shows around California.

Direct-to-garment printers offer users the capability to complete highly-detailed, multiple-color prints on a variety of substrates, including headwear. Here are a few tips for printing caps with your digital direct-to-substrate/apparel printer:

• When clamping down the cap press, you may have the option to lock the press down, and then pull back to tighten and stretch the print area even more for an ideal print surface.

• When printing on a cap that has a center seam or multiple panels, use a heat press or heat gun to warm up the material. This helps the cap become more flexible. The cap press itself may also come with a grooved adaptor for crowns with center seams.

• If you notice any stains on the bill of the cap from pre-treatment, remove them easily with a soap wipe.

• Always pre-treat the print area for the best print quality and color vibrancy.

—Paul Green, OmniPrint

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