Heat press

Finding the Right Price for a Heat Press

Josh Ellsworth

Josh is the VP of sales, dealer channel for Stahls'. He deals in the sales and implementation of heat-applied, apparel-decorating systems with a focus on customization. He holds skills in the production, sale, and marketing of customized apparel. He presents seminars at trade shows and contributes articles to trade publications, like Printwear magazine.

Many decorators invest in heat press equipment at a savings while jeopardizing quality. There are many quality heat presses at various price points in the market that can accurately deliver results to your business.

Instead of skimping, consider the price of a heat press divided across its warranty years to justify your investment. For example, a press sold at $1,950 with a five-year warranty would result in a cost of $32.50 per month ($1,950/60 months = $32.50). The security of knowing that you’ve invested in a quality press to deliver quality results will more than justify the small monthly fee that the investment is truly costing you.