Athleisure trend

Get the Most Out of the Athleisure Trend

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Athleisure is a fashion trend in which athletic clothes are worn in settings outside of the gym, whether its work, school, or social occasions. There are a couple of theories to why athleisure has become so popular, but most people describe the style as convenient. Instead of having to change for the gym, change to go to work, change to see your friend for lunch, and change again to go to that party later Friday night; now you can be in style in multiple occasions without breaking a sweat.

As with anything in the fashion industry, once a style starts trending, it’s up to everybody to keep up to make sure that their brands stay relevant. Athleisure is no different. 

So what does this mean for the screen-printing industry? It means that we have to adapt to the style with the inks and techniques that we use.

There are a few rules to follow if you want to keep up with the trend:

Number 1: It has to be seasonal

Remember when you started working out and you went to look for workout clothes, but the only color that was available was black? Not anymore. The athleisure trend demands that styles be seasonal. This means that the wilder the pattern, the brighter the color, and colorblocks are a go-to for this trend.

Number 2: It has to combine function and fashion

Athleisure combines two must-haves that continue to dominate casual clothing: durability and comfort. Materials like spandex, polyester, and blended materials like 50/50 cotton/polyester have risen to the top of the comfort charts. 

Choosing the Right Artwork

When printing, remember to make your graphics as printer friendly as possible. This goes for all of your prints, not just athletic. You also need to be aware of the fabric type, required cure temperature, and your clients’ expectations.

In many cases, you will find athletic prints with excessive ink thicknesses on the garment. This is typically the result of overcompensation in fear of the dreaded dye migration.

When printing athletic graphics (as with any of your screen-printing projects), the ultimate goal is to consistently reproduce a quality print.

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