Get Your Customers to Say “Yes”

jennifer cox

Jennifer Cox is one of the founders and serves as president of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP), an organization that supports embroidery and apparel decoration professionals with programs and services designed to increase profitability and production.

Building a relationship with a new customer can often take a little bit of work, especially when it comes to apparel decoration. At the start of any transaction, you’ll want to make sure the customer has confidence in your design capabilities, knows you are accommodating, and ultimately believes your work is worth the investment.

One small trick to help get the process started is to find ways to make that client say “yes” to small, but important details. If you can get a few yes’s from your customer throughout the conversation, it increases your chances of getting the order at the end of the chat. In sales jargon, these are called micro-commitments. There are patterns of communication that help you build these yes answers into the discussion in a way that feels natural. When the customer tells you what color product they want, confirm that by saying, “You prefer the navy blue, right?” Naturally, they will say yes. “We are putting the logo on the left chest, correct?” They will say yes again. After you know whether they want you to deliver the order, ship it, or if they are picking it up, get another yes by doubling checking the due date. These details combine to build confidence, and you can gradually move on to bigger questions like pricing and art approval.