All images courtesy JERZEES

The Heather Takeover: 3 Must-Have Heather Colors for Spring

Jeanene Edwards

Jeanene Edwards is the VP of marketing & merchandising for Fruit of the Loom/JERZEES Activewear. She has over 20 years of experience working with global apparel brands.

Spring brings April showers, beautiful flowers, and new fashion trends in apparel decoration.  

As the cold winter weather thaws and the sun starts to shine, we shed the sweater weather layers for new styles and fresh color choices. In the past year, we have seen heathers rise in popularity. This year, they will take center stage.  

Heathers are key this year. The light dusty color brings a casual look and comfortable feel to apparel. The on-trend heathers make classic neutral colors more interesting and desired this season, as well as make for a great printable canvas, to make light ink pop.

Here are a few heather colors to keep an eye on this spring season:

Maroon Heathers
From deep maroons and fiery heather red to rosy mauves and dusty pinks, variations of the red heather family are a must-have for the season. Mix up your selection with bright, vintage variations in dark maroons and dusty heather pinks. There are plenty of red shades to choose from this season.   

Green Heathers
Greens are the new neutrals of spring. Inspired by the revival of outdoor greenery and the fresh atmosphere, the spectrum of green variations has become a color staple. A blend of bright clover green, rich forest green heather and lighter military colors blend tradition with modern style. The utility colors of khaki and military green are key in fashion this season.

Traditional Neutral Heathers
From black to gray, traditional neutrals are always on trend. A wide array of gray, charcoal, and taupe hues fill the market. The dark, vintage black ink is a staple for any decorated apparel shop, no matter what time of year. Charcoal is growing in popularity and is becoming the new staple gray. The heather brightens the fabric giving the black ink and grays a vintage, lived-in look that is so prevalent this year.