How to Create Multi-Dimensional Caps with Heat Transfers

Ben Robinson is general manager of Hotronix in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania. Learn more about Hotronix at

Heat transfers can be applied to caps in seconds, making for an easy add-on or upsell item. They can also be layered with rhinestones or other special effect materials for a more multi-dimensional look. 

To get started, first center the background graphic over the front center seam of the cap. Tack it down with the heat press for a few seconds to hold it in place. Then, place your second color or material on the cap. This will typically be your special effect material such as glitter flake or reflective. To hold it in place during pressing, use a couple pieces of thermal tape.

After the second transfer is securely placed, press the cap at the time, temperature, and pressure recommended by the material manufacturer. Like that, you have a unique, textured cap design with just a few steps.