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Key Points Your Mission Statement Needs to Address

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What is a business or mission statement? 

It is a brief statement of your organization's purpose. It identifies the scope of your operation, the products or services you offer, and it highlights your primary customers or market. Your business statement is a tool, a guide, a formal summary that accentuates your company’s aims and values to help it run like a well-oiled embroidery machine; while also informing others about how you conduct business. I like to think of your mission statement as the essence of your business’ strategy, as it defines your company’s goals, culture, decision-making ideology, and ethics. In a sense, your business statement is that guiding light to help you stay on course.

While there are numerous points and angles you may take to approach this aspect of your business there are several key points that should be included. These are your customers, employees, community, the world at large, and ownership. 

Regarding your customers, you want your customers to know what your business does. Specifically, you want them to know how it will benefit them. For your employees, you will want to address them so it is clear that aside from financially, why they are working with your company, what their purpose is as an employee, how their employment with you will be a benefit to them, and how being associated with your business will make them feel. Considering your community, you will also want them to see how they will benefit from the services and/or products you offer, and how your business will interact and mesh with the area, and the positive impact you will have. Regarding the world at large, your statement should announce how you will go about being a good corporate citizen and a contributing member of society. Relating to ownership, your statement is your personal reminder why and will offer valuable insight to your partners, investors, and vendors. 

Keep in mind, as you are addressing these points you are rallying for these groups to embrace and support you and your business. You will accomplish this by addressing the needs you meet, how you will meet those needs, and the level of service you will provide, in one clear concise statement.

Remember your statement is creating the message that is going to be associated with your company. It is telling everyone about your business and helping to determine how it will be viewed. It is showing how you conduct business, what your goals are, and the guidelines you will use. It should inspire support, set a tone, and establish an ongoing commitment as it acts as a day-to-day compass for decision making. It is strongly suggested that it is written with your company’s story in mind. It should be understood this will be an ever-evolving part of your business, so make sure it addresses your current situation, and your company specifically, because too general will do you no justice. Read other statements, get feedback, and believe in what you are saying.

Here’s to staying on track!