Kornit Poly Pro DTG Webinar

Kornit Digital Hosts June 12 Webinar on Sports and Athleisure Apparel

Alexandria Bruce, Printwear magazine

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ROSH-HA`AYIN, Israel—Kornit Digital hosts a free webinar on June 12 titled The Poly Pros: Mastering Sports and Athleisure Apparel. The webinar takes place on the Printwear Webinar Channel at noon MT.

According to Kornit, the webinar is for those that primarily work with poly and poly blends, as well as for those interested in adding these garments to their offerings. 

Kornit's director of project management, inks and consumables, Celine Tezartes-Strauss and DTG2Go's director of operations Andy Burchfield lead the discussion on the growing popularity of sportswear and athleisure apparel and how direct-to-garment (D2) technology solves problems in this market. 

More specifically, Tezartes-Strauss discusses the challenges of overcoming issues such as dye migration, how D2 technology aligns with current and anticipated consumer needs, and why D2 provides a reliable platform for capitalizing on a booming market opportunity. Additionally, Burchfield talks about his brand’s successes with D2 printing, as well as experiences as an early adopter of Kornit’s NeoPoly technology.

According to the webinar's synopsis, "Accounting for 16% of imprinted apparel jobs today, polyester is the second-largest garment market in America, totaling $33 billion in 2018. It is key to the growing popularity of sportswear and “athleisure” apparel, which provide a major opportunity for apparel decorators."

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