Matching Screen Mesh Count to Your Designs

Texsource Screen Printing Supply offers a large selection of screen printing equipment, inks, and supplies in the industry. To help educate printers of all levels, Texsource presents a series of instructional demo videos, as well as tips on screen printing equipment, inks, accessories, and techniques. Visit or call 888-344-4657 for more information. 

Dwayne Collins, sales rep with Texsource Screen Printing Supply gives an overview of factors to consider when screen printing with regards to mesh count selection. He covers mesh counts from 40–305 and gives you the details on what to consider when choosing the proper mesh screen for the print job.

Video takeaways:

  • The higher the detail, the finer the mesh count
  • 40 count mesh is mainly used for crystalline and glitter inks
  • 60 is mainly used for shimmer inks or more detailed glitters
  • 110 is mainly used for beginner printers, as well as white underbases or print-flash-print
  • 125 lays down a little less ink and offers a finer hand for white inks
  • 160s are mainly used for printing colors on white underlay, as well as water-based inks
  • 190–200 are used for small, pencil-sized lines
  • 305 for superfine dots and lines

Watch the full video for visual examples of matching artwork to the correct screen mesh count.