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Offering Promotional Caps in the Construction Industry

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The construction industry comprises six to nine percent of the GDP (gross domestic product) for developed countries, which leaves lots of opportunity for profit. Construction companies use branded hats as part of their employee uniform; with high-visibility elements, the cap transforms into a safety tool. As a promotional item, companies often use caps as mementos for new and potential clients.

Learn how to reach out to common decision makers in various construction sector supply chains. 

Construction Industry Sectors

There are three central categories of construction serving different purposes within the industry: buildings, infrastructure, and industrial. Each has a different set of clients and investors.


Companies in this sector construct buildings for either residential or commercial use. Larger companies may specialize in both.

Residential buildings include, but are not limited to homes, apartment buildings, and duplexes. 

Commercial buildings are structures that house commercial businesses like retail stores and restaurants. These may be funded through local government trying to expand the city’s growth or through the businesses that will be housed in the buildings.

Large construction companies often purchase pieces of land to build housing developments then sell each property individually.

They will either finance this endeavor through a bank or with real estate investors. Hats can be used as giveaways during important meetings with potential investors as a sign of goodwill.

Providing hats to influential members of the city council, the chamber of commerce, and government employees can help keep the company at the forefront next time the city is in the market for a construction company.

In the case of custom homes and small contractors, caps can be given to clients as a token of gratitude. Whenever they wear them in the community, it’s free advertising for the contractor. This then leads to the potential for new business. 


The infrastructure sector builds things that the population will use like dams, bridges, parking garages, roads, and interstates.

The main client for this business is government; usually at the state level, but sometimes it will be divided by counties or even cities.


Industrial construction companies build things like manufacturing plants, warehouses, and power generation facilities.

The clients for these types of jobs will be manufacturers, electric cooperatives, water distributors, and gas companies. Large construction companies who specialize in this type of work can bid for jobs.

Giving the client a memento helps keep the company top of mind and, hopefully, increases their chance of landing the job.

If you haven’t sold into the construction industry in the past, there are a vast number of opportunities out there. Find information on selling caps to independent contractors here