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Quick Tip: Improving Your Social Media Approach

For more than 20 years, Jay Busselle has worked in the design, production, and sale of advertising, decorated apparel, and promotional products. He possesses industry-specific experience, business ownership and a graphic design background. 

People in our industry often tell me they don’t have time for social media marketing. Many apparel and promo companies find success with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others, but it doesn't happen by accident. Here are three steps to consider that make social media marketing worth your time:

  1. Engage with your audience. Social media is not meant to be your personal megaphone. It’s a two-way social conversation. Gone are the days when you can post links to content and call it good. If someone @mentions you or your company—good or bad—you need to quickly respond (by the way, quickly on the internet is not one day later). It’s a chance for you to show there’s a human involved who cares and can help. You can get extra points for being authentic.
  2. Give your brand some personality. Nobody wants to read more dry robotic tweets or posts. Find the personality in your brand and give it a voice. The trick is to share the personality without being personal, especially if you have multiple people or employees managing your social media marketing. Make it clear everyone knows what the voice of the brand should sound like and be consistent with that voice.
  3. Drive traffic to a place of purpose. Use your social media marketing to help prospects take action. You will usually want them to visit your website, visit a specific landing page, or (this may sound old school) pick up the phone and call you. What you are sharing and talking about should create the following, in this order:
  • Awareness
  • Trust
  • Action