Quick Tips for Decorating Headwear

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To design effectively on headwear, the particular decoration area and the challenges involved in decorating the given type must be taken into account. With baseball caps, the most important thing to be aware of is the horizontal aspect of the embroidery area. Art that is narrow and tall will always suffer, as the limiting factor is invariably the lack of vertical space for execution. If you design or re-design assets to be used in a short, wide format, your headwear will have more impact and more coverage. I'm a huge proponent of designing decorated apparel in a holistic fashion, meaning you take the intended apparel item, material, and color scheme into account when you design your art, rather than applying the same design to any garment in the same format. Coordinate rather than replicate, and you can create headwear that becomes a part of an overall apparel solution rather than being a commodity decorator.