Screen Printing Basics: What Durometer is Best For You?

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Dwayne Collins, sales rep at Texsource Screen Printing Supply, gives a brief overview of squeegee rubber, with durometer being the unit of measurement for the hardness of the rubber.

Some squeegee rubber durometer is better in some situations than others, but largely the most common rubber durometers (60, 70, and 80 durometer) are judged on personal preference for what kind of feel and feedback you need from your squeegee.

Here, Collins shows you the flexibility of these most common types and talks about the typical uses of each.

Video takeaways:

  • Automatic squeegees can be easily replaced
  • Colors do not coordinate with the squeegee durometer across all companies
  • 60 durometer squeegees have a decent amount of give and softness to them when pressure is applied
  • 70 durometer is the middle ground as far as flexibility among the three most common
  • 80 durometer is much more rigid with little to no flexibility

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