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Selling Power

About the author: Cara Cherry is a public relations specialist for Mich.-based Stahls' ID Direct. She holds a Master's Degree in PR Organizational Communications and is a member of the Public Relations Society of America. For more information, email

Whether online or in-person, any good sales person or business owner should know and understand the value of up-selling. One of the easiest ways to increase sales is by selling more to current customers—look at order history and figure out what types of products and services might benefit customers from whom you’ve already earned business the most. Take the time to create a customized sales plan and customers are sure, not only to notice, but also likely to buy more.

One of the easiest ways to increase sales is by selling more to current customers. (All images courtesy Stahls’ ID Direct)

Making an impression

As decorators, personalization is what we do best. Screen printing and embroidery are two of the most popular methods for decorating, but adding heat transfer designs are a good way to boost sales, all the while, helping customers increase their visibility. And, digital heat transfers are ideal for creating samples for add-on sales. 

Digital transfers are not limited by color. Logos or artwork can feature unlimited colors at no additional cost. There are no per-color charges or quantity minimums, so decorating one or two items costs no more than decorating 100 items per order. Digital transfers are also great for oversized items. While traditional decorating methods may be more difficult on items such as chairs due to their bulky size, heat presses come in a variety of sizes that make decorating large items easier. Digital transfers also feature a permanent adhesion once applied and are available in full color at no extra charge. This exciting technology can help to bring your customer’s logo to life. 

Add-on sales

The key to add-on sales is to provide customers with ideas and solutions designed to help them stand out and get noticed. Seasonal items or specials offer the perfect opportunity to upsell. Think about what your customer is buying—if a customer purchases T-shirts for a corporate picnic, they may be interested in additional items such as lawn chairs or coozies. These are all easily decorated with heat transfer technology. Bags are another wonderful add-on accessory. Also, handbags and backpacks can add to a group’s uniformity.

Decorating them with digital transfers using a heat press offers a permanent adhesion. They are very durable and will not peel, crack or fade and allow for extremely fine details. There are no limits on color and no per-color fees.

Great ways to increase your bag sales include heat printing a customer’s logo or artwork on a backpack or bag and letting the customer see how great their logo looks on a sample. Since there are no quantity minimums on digital transfers, creating one-offs and sampling them for customers is a wonderful way to provide a higher quality of service that may lead to a stronger, long-term relationship.

Increase apparel sales 

T-shirts are probably the most popular apparel item to feature a logo. Unfortunately, they often end up shoved in a drawer after being worn once or twice. Getting imaginative and offering customers more than a T-shirt will help your business to become more profitable. 

Start out by focusing on different garments such as jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, or even flip-flops. When someone places an order, take the time to make a few extra logos to apply to different types of garments. Get wild and jazz up T-shirts, polos, windshirts, bags and other wearables with digital transfers in metallic and puff to create unique textures and designs. 

Show customers samples when they come in. In many cases, they are thrilled to see their logo on an item they didn’t even realize they needed or wanted. If the customer can see the value in the product you’ve created, they are very likely to make a purchase.

Best-in-Show Sales Strategies

Use these three creative sales strategies combined with the use of a heat press to boost your personalization business in ways never thought possible:

1. Know Customers’ Businesses—who are their main competitors?  What are they trying to achieve? Study your customers’ industries and get to know their needs as well as they do.  Create a personalized item that reflects not only their company, but something that is nice enough to get their attention. For example, for a wine distributor, send a carrying bag that features a full-color digital printed logo on one side and their monogrammed initials on the other. 

2. Upsell—anytime you sell a piece of apparel, create additional pieces that demonstrate what you can do. For example, if your customer ordered 32 polo shirts for a golf outing, include a nice jacket, duffle bag or cap for them with their logo heat-applied on it. If you take the time to find out their size and send something specifically selected for the person in charge of ordering, it gives them another product idea and demonstrates your appreciation for the sale. 

3. Differentiate—heat printing digital transfers allows for an unlimited number of colors with no quantity minimums. Educate customers on the difference between each technique and illustrate the opportunities and the convenience that comes with heat applied products.