reclaim screens

Steps to Ensure an Easy Reclaim

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What is reclaiming? It is the process of removing a stencil from a screen to use the screen for another job. A screen can be used for approximately 20 print jobs before it needs to be re-meshed. For your reclaim job you will need:

  • Ink wash
  • Emulsion remover
  • Haze remover
  • Degreaser
  • 1 red scrub pad
  • 1 blue scrub pad
  • 2 white scrub pads

After you clean the screen of ink with the ink degradant or press wipe, use the blue scrub pad. Place it in your sink and rinse.

Spray emulsion remover to remove the emulsion, scrub with the red scrub pad on both sides of the frame.

Rinse the image off of the screen with cool water.

You may need to repeat this process to completely remove the stencil.

At times the mesh will be stained with ink or emulsion. Using a haze remover, you can eliminate those stains. You will need to pour the haze remover directly on the red scrub pad and scrub both sides of the screen. Lay the screen flat and wait 3 minutes. Scrub and rinse again with a pressure washer.

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