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Term of the Week: Batch Production

There are many opportunities for an apparel decorator to grow sales with current customers as well as expand to new verticals with web stores.

While many decorators have caught on to the opportunity, the back-end fulfillment of orders can be challenging. There are typically two types of stores for customers. There is the flash store that has a defined open date and close date as well as a longstanding store that stays up until it is discontinued.

In the case of a flash store, batch production can happen. This is the process of grouping like items and designs for manufacturing and building everything together. Batch production has some major benefits, including helping reduce the cost of manufacturing through decoration savings and efficiency. The longstanding store is often a made-to-order store. This means that an apparel decorator would need to be ready to print daily orders, sometimes in quantities as little as one.

Source: Josh and Zach Ellsworth