heat transfer vinyl

Term of the Week: Carrier Sheet

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The carrier sheet of a heat transfer vinyl does not impact the finished product but is integral in how the material performs from a production standpoint. A sticky carrier, low-tack carrier, and non-sticky carrier are three basic levels.

A sticky carrier is optimal for cutting fine detail. This allows a weeding operator to keep small details such as the dot of an “i” where it needs to be or put it back if it is accidentally weeded.

A low-tack carrier allows for some control of fine details while allowing the benefit of easily stacking and separating cut pieces and moving them throughout the shop.

A non-sticky carrier boasts the benefit of fast weeding, but, traditionally, is not available in a hot or warm peel, which compromises some of the benefits in heat application. Most sticky carriers allow for a hot or warm peel.

Source: Josh Ellsworth, Zach Ellsworth