contract screen printing

Term of the Week: Contract Printing

The contract printing model is simple—the customer supplies the blanks, and the decorator/shop fulfills and charges for the decoration. This type of printing is beneficial to shops during lulls in business, but there are some cautions to be aware of before starting. 

Producers should only consider contract printing if they have dead press time. In some cases, shops might find that contract printing actually costs them money due to the costs associated with running their machines, paying employees, etc. 

On the other side of things, a lot of shops hesitate when thinking about hiring a contract printer because it's hard to trust someone else's work. However, once you find the right printer, contract printing is beneficial for large-scale projects that a shop can't take on or for situations where a decorator doesn't want to turn down a client because they don't offer screen printing.

Although it varies from shop to shop, in contract printing, the customer is usually responsible for the artwork, films, and substrates.

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