embroidery hooping

Term of the Week: Hooping Aids

Hooping aids help embroiderers center their designs on a given garment or bag. Hooping aids are helpful to those exploring embroidery for the first time, those looking to save on time and money, and for those that have a hard time judging alignment manually. 

They come in two forms:

1. An inexpensive ruler-like device that marks the center of a design on any sized garment

2. Costly jigs with registration systems and the capability to store recordable, repeatable positioning

Small shops sometimes balk at the cost of registration systems for hooping, as decorators can hoop manually. However, aids reduce errors and make the process more efficient when subsequent orders come through the door.

Regardless of design placement and the method decorators use to center designs, consider testing embroidered garments on real people. Testing allows decorators to see how it drapes and if the design placement looks good before sending the full job through production. 

Sources: Erich Campbell, Jennifer Cox