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Term of the Week: Plotter Laser

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A plotter laser is a type of laser used for single-head and standalone embroidery lasers. It is slower than newer technology but is also usually less expensive. Currently, all single-head embroidery lasers are made with a plotter-type laser, which is a singular beam. These lasers are not suitable for etching.

While the plotter laser is an older technology than galvanometric technology, it is generally less expensive and has the capability of offering a larger cutting field. This is one of its advantages. Typically, they have a larger processing surface, and the area can be enlarged with the use of attachments such as a slider. 

Plotter lasers can cut any type of fabric, leather, wood, paper, anodized aluminum, non-toxic polymers, and acrylic glass. They can be found in various wattages, anywhere from 25 to 200 watts of power.

Source: Ed Balady