simulated zig-zag stitch

Term of the Week: Simulated Zig-Zag Stitch

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To upgrade the finish of an appliqué heat transfer and get closer to a sewn look, consider manufactured products that feature a simulated stitch edging. These products mimic traditionally sewn twill even though they are just heat applied. This product is very popular with full-crest designs, names, and numbers.

After a decorator starts to get the basics down, consider taking it to the next level. Try mixing standard heat transfer films on top of appliqué material for an elevated appearance. The heat application of heat transfer film on top of appliqué is quite simple if the materials are cut correctly. This process is dependable and easy because nearly all heat transfer films adhere to standard cotton or polyester and most twill products are comprised of these fabrics. To complete the look, simply tack down the twill product as a background and then heat apply the material of choice. Heat transfer materials like glitter flake and flock are great options for team and spirit wear. 

Sources: Josh and Zach Ellsworth