embroidery customer questions

Things You Need to Explain to a Customer (Embroidery Edition)


Ed Levy

Ed Levy is an industry veteran and director of software technologies at Hirsch Solutions.

Thread has texture and dimension.

Customers often have difficulty understanding that what you see on screen is not what you get as a finished result. The texture and dimension associated with an embroidery design play an essential role in the finished results. Quite often, details need to be simplified, and design elements need to be modified to make something work for embroidery. Print is much more forgiving when it comes to fine details.

Every digitized design is a work of art by a digitizer. 

This note is especially true for corporate work and is particularly important to understand when dealing with a job that was done elsewhere previously. It is essential for a customer to show an example of any existing work they have and are wishing to emulate. Otherwise, the same logo will have two different looks because two different people created it. If there is an example for the digitizer to reference, it will help ensure that the overall look matches any previous work.

Customers need to understand that fabric has push and pull factors.

Push and pull factors contribute to the overall look and feel of a design. A good digitizer can control these elements, but all too often, a customer will break out a ruler and measure every last detail of the embroidered design. Unfortunately, it is not realistic to put an embroidered logo through that level of scrutiny. The people looking at your logo do not analyze every last element of the design.