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Tips on Comparing Good, Quality Embroidery Threads

Playing favorites is frowned upon in parenting and politics. But when it comes to embroidery, it is nearly impossible to speak with an experienced embroiderer who does not reach for their favorite general purpose embroidery thread — either made up of rayon or polyester — on a daily basis. Sure, there are colors, both personal choices and those requested by clients, that may dictate the cone you reach for, but those embroiderers who do not understand the inherent differences in rayon and polyester embroidery threads may be reaching for the wrong thread without knowing why. Examine the chart below to figure out which thread is best for each embroidery job.



Brilliant luster Glossy shine
Can be washed in very hot water Stands up to bleach and stonewashing
Made from eco-friendly material Made from petroleum product
Soft, pliable Strong, flexible
Soft against skin Can be scratchy

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