Try Something Different

With over 35 years in the embroidery industry with particular emphasis on writing, education, and digitizing, Helen Hart Momsen is widely published in the trade press. Momsen founded and moderates the Embroidery Line (, the longest continuously running internet forum for apparel decorators. A sought-after speaker for many years for THE NBM SHOW, Momsen has authored two ground-breaking books on professional embroidery, available at

Looking to step outside the usual with embroidery? Often overlooked are specialty needles like the punch pin and venere needles. The punch pin is a cousin to the needle and is designed for cutwork. The scalloped edge removes fiber in a manner similar to a boring attachment. It does not carry thread but rather has a point that cuts holes in lace designs and creates eyelet centers.

Four venere needles replace regular embroidery needles. They are installed at a 45 degree angle to each other (0-45-90-135). Simple geometric forms need only two needles. With four, users can cut any shape or pattern. The only adjustment to the machine is to turn off the thread break sensors.

—Helen Hart Momsen, Hart Enterprises