Reports cite a faulty boiler as the initial cause of the explosion.

Bangladesh Garment Factory Explosion Kills 13

DHAKA, Bangladesh—An explosion at a garment factory in the Bangladesh capital city of Dhaka claims 13 lives and injures as many as 50 others. The incident, Al Jazeera reports, stems from a faulty boiler that exploded at the factory. The explosion caused walls and a roof to collapse at the facility.

The incident is still currently under investigation, but Reuters reports that the license for the boiler had expired on June 24, while a company chairman contests the factory applied to renew the license before the deadline.

 "We heard strange sounds two or three times, but we were told it was nothing," Harunur Rashid, a worker from the plant, tells Reuters. "Shortly after, it exploded."

Multiple outlets report the blast caused damage to neighboring buildings and injured pedestrians passing by the factory. Workers were preparing to re-open the facility after a 10-day closure for the Eid al-Fitr holidays. 

The explosion marks the latest in a rash of safety-related issues in the area. Starting in 2013, the Rana Plaza collapse called attention to safety conditions in the sector. The Plaza housed a massive garment factory which collapsed, killing thousands of workers and marking one of the worst incidents in garment manufacturing history. More recently, a handful of major apparel brands backed out of attending a summit in the region, citing concerns over slow efforts to improve conditions in the city’s factories.