BSN SPORTS Announces Acquisition of Lids Team Sports

DALLAS—School sporting goods distributor BSN SPORTS, a division of Varsity Brands, announces the acquisition of Lids Team Sports from the Lids Team Sports Group. The Indianapolis-based Lids is a division of Genesco, Inc.

Adam Blumenfeld, the current Chief Executive Officer of BSN will serve as the CEO for the combined entity while Scott Molander, the current Lids Team Sports head of operations, will join BSN. All Lids Team Sports employees will also join BSN.

"The combination of BSN SPORTS and Lids Team Sports is excellent news for our employees, our vendor and, most importantly, for our customers,” says Blumenfeld in a press release issued on the Genesco site. “We welcome Lids Team Sports employees to the BSN SPORTS family, and look forward to working side by side with them to deliver on our commitment to customer excellence."

The acquisition of Lids Team Sports by BSN SPORTS combines a versatile line of sports apparel carried by Lids including jerseys, T-shirts, and polos with a large network at BSN that distributes and markets products to over 100,000 institutional and team sports.

UPDATE February 2, 2016: A press release issued on the Genesco website announces the resignation of Kenneth J. Kocher, president of Lids Sports Group and senior vice president of Genesco.

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