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Colormaker Industries marks its 60th anniversary.

Colormaker Industries Marks 60th Anniversary

NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia—Colormaker Industries marks its 60th anniversary. The Australian company’s distributorship has grown since its inception to countries across the globe.

Founded in 1958, Colormaker began producing enamel house paint under the name G&H Chemicals. In the 1960s, the company transitioned to water-based house paints and began producing water-based inks under license agreements. The 1970s marked a major turning point for the organization. The company purchased PERMASET’s licensor and consolidated both companies under the Colormaker Industries namesake.

As the 1980s unfolded, Colormaker grew business in the Australian textile screen-printing market. In the 1990s, current owner David Stuart joined the organization as a sale manager. Stuart’s background in R&D and interest in eco-friendly technology eventually led him to acquire Colormaker in 2003. Subsequently, Colormaker unveiled its PERMASET AQUA water-based, eco-friendly inks in 2005. Further into the 2000s, the company earned Organic Approval by the Soil Association for its PEMATONE ink range.

“We value diversity and are guided by respect in everything we do; respect for our customers, our staff and the environment,” says Stuart. “As the screen-printing industry evolves, so too does Colormaker by developing products for technical excellence and environmental stewardship. We have exciting innovations in the pipeline.”

Colormaker now operates a distributorship that encompasses the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific.

With the 60th  anniversary, Stuart adds that the company recognizes its staff in Australia and customers. “We thank them for their loyalty and support over the years, but most of all, their enthusiasm.”

Stuart notes that with 60 years as a business in 2018, Colormaker also looks forward to celebrating the 60th Anniversary of PERMASET in 2022.

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