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Charney (Image courtesy That's Los Angeles/Dov Charney)

Former American Apparel CEO Discusses New Company

LOS ANGELES—Former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney discusses his new apparel company in a recent interview with Business Insider. Charney spoke about the new business, a T-shirt company based in South Los Angeles, and the goals for his new venture. While Charney has yet to officially release the name or exact location of the facility, he regularly shares updates on his website titled “That’s Los Angeles.” The website features photos of the surrounding area where the new business is based, plus candid shots of the business in action. According to Business Insider, the company currently only ships wholesale orders to a small list of close customers. 

Charney tells the publication that the main focus for the business is to establish a domestic factory that uses a local workforce, a contrast to many larger apparel companies who employ overseas garment workers. Despite this being more expensive, Charney believes the business model will enable his company to turn orders around in a timelier fashion and fulfill smaller custom jobs. The concept is also meant to mirror the working-class, immigrant-run independent shops where the new facility is based.

"I have a secret factory," Charney tells the magazine, adding that the company currently employs roughly 40 workers.  

Charney’s interview with Business Insider comes as the latest in his saga to re-enter the apparel industry. After multiple attempts at buying back his former company, Charney’s bid was ultimately rejected by a Delaware bankruptcy court, who in turn cleared American Apparel to exit bankruptcy under a lender takeover.

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