The blogs and downloadable guides offer marketing, social media, and fundraising tips.

InkSoft Offers Business and Marketing Tips

TEMPE, Ariz.—Software solutions designer InkSoft shares tips on marketing, fundraising, and social media for business in a series of blog posts. Each article offers a step-by-step explanation of how to master these facets of business management. 

The first of two blogs, entitled “Fundraising Fear,” explains why consumers are sometimes hesitant to contribute to fundraisers because of confusing wording. The article continues on and explains how shops and businesses can retool their approach towards fundraising by choosing specific words. The article also explains how to effectively differentiate sales profits from donation funds. 

The second blog offers advice on social media management, specifically Instagram for businesses. InkSoft co-founder JP Hunt describes how shops can use this photo and video-centric channel to advertise new products, run promotional contests, and use customer photos as testimonials.

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