MagnaColours announces the launch of the BluePrint campaign, a corporate sustainability partnership with ocean conservation charity Just One Ocean. 

MagnaColours Launches BluePrint Campaign

BARNSLEY, England—MagnaColours announces the launch of the BluePrint campaign, a corporate sustainability partnership between the company and ocean conservation charity Just One Ocean. MagnaColours says it plans to contribute support and donations to “contribute to valuable research into pollution, the threat of microplastics to wildlife and human health, and how the industry can work towards cleaner oceans.”

Founded in 2014 by David Jones, an environmentalist, researcher, and speaker, Just One Ocean was inspired by the devastation Jones witnessed during his world travels as a diver and underwater photographer. 

“As a UK conservation charity, having the support of business and industry is important to us,” explains Jones. “We are proactively undertaking research and raising awareness of ocean issues, but we need help from a wide range of organizations to do that. However, it is also important to us that we forge relationships with organizations that not only reflect our goals and objectives but also contribute in some way to making the planet and the oceans potentially a better place.  Sustainability is key to that, and we are therefore delighted to have partnered with MagnaColours Ltd.”

The official partnership announcement via MagnaColours. (Image courtesy MagnaColours) 

MagnaColours’ involvement includes contributions to two particular research projects: 

The Big Microplastic Survey: a science program gathering data about the scale and distribution of the global microplastic issue. 
An expedition to the Northwest passage in 2019, focusing on gathering data from the arctic circle on the impact of anthropogenic activities involving students from UK and EU universities to undertake experiments and bring back information.

The partnership is the company’s latest sustainability and green-conscious effort. In 2017, MagnaColours launched GNA, a universal certificate of compliance and sustainability that the company says “meets the customer demand to significantly reduce the amount of hazardous and environmentally damaging chemicals from the garment-printing industry.”

“By choosing MagnaPrint inks, screen printers and brands can reduce their impact on the environment through eradicating harmful chemicals, reducing unnecessary ink consumption, and increasing their production efficiency,” states Tom Abbey, chairman and owner of MagnaColours. “As we continue to develop even more sustainable screen-printing inks, with the BluePrint campaign we are also positively supporting the health of the earth's oceans.”

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