M&R CEO Discusses New Headquarters in Video

ROSELLE, Ill.—The M&R Companies release a video featuring CEO Rich Hoffman discussing the company’s move to Roselle, Ill. Shot on location at the new headquarters just outside of Chicago, Hoffman talks about the planning behind the move to the larger facility, and why The M&R Companies elected to relocate.

“We’ve been planning for about 20 years,” says Hoffman in the video. “The plan for the final move has been the last two years.”

The new headquarters boasts 320,000 sq. ft., with an additional 158,000 sq. ft. adjacent to the building expected to be added in June of 2018. Hoffman explains that the move to the new location was largely in part due to capacity issues.

“We were out of floor space,” notes Hoffman. “Our capacities were over 100 percent and we wanted to make sure we could still fulfill our customers’ needs.”

In addition to more space, Hoffman reports of machinery upgrades at the new location, including state-of-the-art laser-guided equipment and CNC machines. Alongside equipment upgrades, Hoffman expresses the importance of a greener facility.

“I think one of the things (visitors) would find interesting is how clean we run our manufacturing facility,” expresses Hoffman.

Welding and grinding departments feature dust and smoke collectors to improve air quality, and spent oil is properly recycled. The video also shows enclosed spray booths which use filtered air to reduce emissions from chemicals.

“We really are focusing on the environment[al] impact,” adds Hoffman, citing other operation initiatives like efficient packaging, screen making, and electric consumption as part of the effort.

To see the full interview, watch the video above.

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