The M&R Companies announces the acquisition of Novus Imaging, a grand-format digital inkjet printer manufacturer based in New Hampshire.

The M&R Companies Acquires Novus Imaging

ROSELLE, Ill.—The M&R Companies announces the acquisition of Novus Imaging, a grand-format digital inkjet printer manufacturer based in New Hampshire.

M&R began retrofitting a 320,000-square-foot building in 2015 to combine two facilities into one main location. Mike Mills, president and chief technology officer of Novus Imaging, says he took notice of that expansion.

Mills states with the introduction in 2015 of Novus’ large-format ULTRA flatbed LED printer and an increasing demand for its other UV printers, he had been looking for a company to partner with on manufacturing. Mills called up Rich Hoffman, CEO of M&R, and opened up a dialogue.

“We had a really limited capability when it came to manufacturing,” Mills says. “We could produce maybe four (machines) a month on the high end. We’re not limited by that anymore.”

Mills adds that in addition to M&R’s capacity for building machines, the company offers Novus other opportunities.

“The really cool thing about M&R is they have an amazing manufacturing capability—far beyond anything we had, and they also have a great service organization and a really good sales staff,” states Mills. “So, all the things that we really needed to scale up in a big way, they already had.”

In recent years M&R has expanded into computer-to-screen imaging and direct-to-garment digital printing. The company was looking at ways to incorporate inkjet printing into its graphics and industrial printing line, Hoffman says, “but we weren’t expecting a fortunate event like Mike’s call to lead us there.”

With the acquisition, Novus Imaging maintains its headquarters in New Hampshire and its products will continue to carry that brand, now with “an M&R company” attached to the name. Mills says manufacturing of all of Novus’ products—the ULTRA line; the SYNERGIA hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll UV printer; and the PICTORA high-speed digital board production UV printer—will be rolled into the M&R facility over the next nine months.

Novus employs approximately 25 employees, while M&R counts approximately 500 employees around the globe. Along with its Chicago-area headquarters, the company has locations in Miami, New York, Hong Kong, and Poland.

“We’re looking forward to combining our manufacturing, service, and sales resources with Novus Imaging to provide greater access to equipment and enhanced levels of service and support for current and future Novus customers,” Hoffman says.

While some manufacturing will continue at the New Hampshire facility, staff at Novus’ headquarters will be freed up to put more emphasis on research and development which, Mills says, will ultimately lead to new products.

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