National Business Media president Dave Pomeroy
National Business Media president Dave Pomeroy encourages the industry to have each other's backs during this unprecedented time. 

A Note from Our President

Unprecedented. That’s the word out of so many mouths this week as we come to grips with the developing health crisis caused by COVID-19. Throughout, we at National Business Media pledge that we will stay true to our mission of connecting those who know with those who want to know. We’ll be there for you every day with timely supplier updates, relevant business resources, and tips to keep you going. If information is power, then we’ve got your back.

But we can do even better than that. Let’s have each other’s backs. You’re invited to be a part of the conversation as we navigate these waters together. Use the Contact us page to share:

  • Stories of employees, vendors, or customers going above and beyond to help
  • How technology is helping you run your business in the age of social distancing
  • Tips to keep the doors open another day
  • Any question, problem, piece of advice, or perspective you have

Include your full name and email address; we may reply back for more information. Thanks for taking the time. Your input could help others—right now—in ways you can’t imagine.

Dave Pomeroy
President, National Business Media Inc.

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