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Penn Emblem Rounds Out 2017 Charity Participation

PHILADELPHIA—Penn Emblem rounds out its 2017 charity donations and participations. The company says it has donated time and funds to both local and national organizations.

“Since its incorporation in 1947, one of the core values of the company has been ‘to do the right thing,’ which all employees and processes are expected to abide by every day,” the company explains.

Penn Emblem’s initiatives included a “Dress Down Day” during October 2017, which raised funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Employees paid a small fee to wear casual clothes throughout the month, and the company matched staff contributions. The effort raised $2,400, donated to the Fox Chase Cancer Center. In addition to Breast Cancer Awareness, Penn Emblem designed and sold sublimated patches during November 2017 as an effort to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

More recently, the company also says it volunteered at Dutton Road Veterinary Clinic, a Philadelphia-based office with a program that specializes in greyhound medical care. A set of 14 employees from the Penn Emblem Philadelphia facility walked dogs with friends and family for the clinic’s program. Along with donating their time, the company says Rick Dunn, customer support specialist at Penn Emblem, adopted one of the dogs as “part of his family.”



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Randi Blumenthal-Joseph Penn Emblem Company president and owner (right), stands with account manager Norma Whitford and a greyhound dog at the rescue. (All images courtesy Penn Emblem)

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Penn Emblem sold custom pink hats in October 2017 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Kimberly Maier, administrative support at Penn Emblem Company, walks a Greyhound at the rescue.


The news comes as the company wraps up a milestone anniversary year. Penn Emblem marked its 70th year in business in 2017.  

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