Plan of Action: Sustainable Business

Additional resources help imagers reach corporate social responsibility goals

FAIRFAX, Va.SGIA updates its 4-Step Sustainability Action Plan with additional resources to help imagers develop a successful Sustainability Management System (SMS) in their printing business. The program—consisting of steps plan, do, check and act—uses member-exclusive resources designed to provide a straightforward, effective process of incorporating sustainable initiatives.

“Sustainability represents more than just green printing and being environmentally conscious,” says Marci Kinter, SGIA’s vice president of government and business information.

New program resources include sustainability system audits added to the program’s check phase. At this stage, companies should have significant SMS processes already in place and the sustainability system audits will allow them to check for accuracy and any outstanding issues in its SMS. Under the act phase, the management review has been updated. In this final stage, companies should use the results of their internal audits to conduct management reviews. The understanding management review webinar is also available online for additional information.

SGIA members have complete access to the full scope of resources utilized in the online program. For more information about sustainability and to download a complimentary full-color 4-Step Sustainability Action Plan poster, visit, Keyword: 4Steps. 

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