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Printavo Hosts Nov. 8 Automations Webinar

CHICAGO—Printavo hosts a Nov. 8 webinar on customizing automations and status change notifications. The session kicks off at noon CT.

Featuring Printavo’s customer success hero, Jessica Strainis, the webinar also features Campus Ink co-owner Steven Farag. Farag offers tips on how shops can maximize their workflow with the Printavo platform by setting up automation preferences. According to the company, with some configurations, “automation can take the place of three employees,” and ultimately save on overhead. The session also discusses how to use e-commerce stores.

The Nov. 8 webinar is the first in a multi-part educational series focused on automation. Printavo also offers archived versions of webinars after they have aired on the company’s PrintHustlers Blog and the Printavo YouTube channel.

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